Manager’s Houses

The client required new housing for their Zonal Managers on a site with an existing residential building. The team developed houses that blended with the topography of the site and the surrounding neighbourhood, whilst being fitting for the managerial position of the occupant. It is a Design and Build Project.

Design and construction supervision of Bureau de Change – Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre

Conceptualization of the building form has Artistic inputs to align with the site
surroundings mainly covered by the iconic Cultural Heritage Centre building.
Architectural skills are further applied to enhance the users requirements of
Bureau de Change for CRDB Bank.
In construction supervision, much efforts have been applied to make sure the
building form is attained as per the approved design in order to attain the
intended purpose

Commercial Mall Complex

The developer aims to develop an expansive commercial complex, encompassing a vast retail experience, apartments and a hotel to beat any retail competitors in the city.
The retail experience is proposed to cover 3 floors of over 50,000m2. With space and amenities to appeal to local and foreign retail giants. This is all designed to seamlessly include the hotel and apartments in a modern design that will be welcoming to visitors.

Residential Community – Kunduchi

The client wanted to develop a community of High-end homes, that included double-storey detached homes and duplexes. Each home unit is designed to have its own unique taste, whilst ensuring the harmony of the compound.
The design of the homes is minimalistic, emulating the current Modern Architecture design styles.

Montessori Children’s School Competition Entry

The design was an entry into a competition held by the Montessori
Foundation, to develop a children’s house and school in line with the
Montessori Education Principles.
The concept of the design was to adapt the Masaai Boma planning form into
climate responsive structures.
The design proposed affordable locally available materials, which will allow for easy maintenance of the structures. Solar studies were done on the design to ensure that ample light is available throughout the buildings while ensuring the buildings do not overheat. And thus ample shading was provided through elements of the buildings and natural ventilation through

CRDB Branch Refurbishment – Nyanza

Refurbishment of the bank considers the use of shape, color and material language to create a clear and exciting space with design of the personal, appealing atmosphere, placing the focus on customer needs by considering high level of security and safety to Bank staff personal, customers and the variables assets.

Alteration and Extension of CRDB –KCMC Branch

The building design provides ample space for the banking activities in the branch and produces a comfortable working environment for its users as well as being sustainable enough in the spheres of Bank building security requirements. That is, ICT, Security Systems and Fire Fighting to Client’s and Authorities’ satisfaction.

Boundary wall, Gates and Guards huts

Contemporary design focusing on security and privacy of building as well as aesthetic appealing design which increases political, social and cultural relation among countries.

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