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  • Neo City Architects Limited was established in 2017 as Architectural Firm registered under the Government Law (AQRB) in the United Republic of Tanzania.

    Neo City Architects Limited aims at providing proper and accurate consultancy services in building projects to improve the built environment by the use of sustainable building design approach to achieve the intended clients’ and public needs on time with best quality.

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    Core Business of the Company

    Business Unit Services
    Architectural services Project Discussion and Documentation
    Design the project
    Plan for project execution
    Develop the project
    Contract administration
    Interior Design Developing initial sketch designs
    Preparing detailed designs
    Selecting colours, materials, finishes, furnishings, equipment and other components
    Preparing production information
    Selecting suppliers and placing contracts
    Reporting on progress
    Reporting upon completion.
    Carrying out post-occupancy evaluation
    Landscape Design Creating a space and the ambiance of a development
    Initiating lifestyle and create a new public realm
    Provide quality built environment focused on the ecological footprint and the environmental framework
    Project Management To provide technical advice and guidance on the viable scope
    Advise and assist in overall planning.
    Plan and coordinate resources.
    Monitor and control progress and quality.
    Communicate with the consultant team.
    Urban Architectural Planning Provide dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development.
    Provide proposals for a site’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use
    Land Surveying Record precise measurements
    Identify site boundaries
    Translate mapped construction plans into a series of spatially accurate surface coordinates
    Identify reference points